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  本文摘要:Banks are gearing up for a big fight with retailers over who covers the cost of cyber attacks after paying most of the bill for breaches that they blamed on retailers’ own security deficiencies.银行于是以打算与零售商进行一场根本性对决,焦点是谁不应忍受网络攻击所导致的成本。


Banks are gearing up for a big fight with retailers over who covers the cost of cyber attacks after paying most of the bill for breaches that they blamed on retailers’ own security deficiencies.银行于是以打算与零售商进行一场根本性对决,焦点是谁不应忍受网络攻击所导致的成本。此前银行分担了入侵事件的大部分成本,尽管它们将这些入侵归咎于零售商自身的安全性缺失。In a rare show of unity, industry bodies that represent banks are banding together to urge lawmakers to introduce legislation that would force retailers to pay for the clean-up themselves during the new session of Congress next year.代表银行的若干家行业的组织少见地团结起来,合力呼吁美国新一届国会在明年召开期间实施新的法律,被迫零售商自行分担清扫工作的成本。

The tussle between the two sectors comes as cyber attacks become an increasingly common problem for companies and highlights the difficulties in deciding who is responsible for costs. Attacks on retailers Home Depot and Target, for example, affected almost 100m credit cards in the past year.这两个行业进行争斗之际,网络攻击于是以沦为企业面临的一个日益广泛的问题,突显出在确认谁该买单问题上的艰难。例如,黑客对零售商家得宝(Home Depot)和塔吉特百货(Target)发动的反击,在过去一年里影响了近1亿张信用卡。


“This is an equity argument,” said Cam Fine, head of the Independent Community Bankers of America, which has about 5,000 members. “If it was Home Depot’s data security system that was breached, shouldn’t they have to reimburse banks for all the costs, since it wasn’t the banks’ fault? ”“这是一个有关公平的主张,”享有约5000个会员的美国独立国家社区银行家协会(Independent Community Bankers of America)的负责人卡姆法恩(Cam Fine)回应,“如果是家得宝的数据安全系统遭入侵,那么既然不是银行的罪过,他们怎么会不应当补偿银行代价的所有成本吗?”The data breach at the retailer, which the company reported in September, cost community banks and credit unions at least $160m to reissue cards and pay for other services related to the attack. Home Depot estimated that the breach cost the company at least $62m.这家零售商9月份报告的数据被盗事件,已造成社区银行和信用社开支最少1.6亿美元再考虑新卡,以及为与应付这次反击有关的其他服务买单。家得宝预计,此次入侵事件给该公司导致最少6200万美元的成本。

“The weak link in the system today is on the merchant end,” the National Association of Federal Credit Unions and the Credit Union National Association wrote last week to retailer groups. “As long as the security standards on the merchant side of the system are weaker than those on the financial institution side of the system, the vulnerability for consumers and financial institutions will be at your feet.”“当今系统中的薄弱环节是在商家这头,”联邦信贷协会全国联盟(NAFCU)和美国信用社协会(CUNA)上周致信零售商团体称之为,“只要系统中商家这头的安全性标准很弱于金融机构这头,消费者和金融机构的脆弱性就是由贵方导致的。”Banks and retailers have sparred for years over transaction costs, but the latest spate of cyber attacks has heightened animosity between the two groups. Retailers’ representatives rejected the banking industry’s claims. “The suggestion that retailers pay nothing is demonstrably false,” said Brian Dodge, executive vice-president at lobby group, the Retail Industry Leaders Association.银行和零售商环绕交易成本已争执多年,但环绕网络攻击的近期口水战激化了这两个群体之间的敌意。零售商的代表不拒绝接受银行业的主张。

“有关零售商没代价任何代价的众说纷纭似乎是造假的,”游说团体——美国领导者协会(RILA)继续执行副总裁布赖恩道奇(Brian Dodge)回应。The costs of unauthorised transactions on hacked credit cards were shared evenly between retailers and banks over time, he added. “This is an effort by the banks to obscure reality and benefit from an issue that’s a challenge to many businesses, not just retailers,” he said.他补足说道,被白的信用卡所带给的未许可交易的成本,长年而言是在零售商和银行之间均匀分布承担的。“这是银行的一个企图,目的是掩饰现实,从一个对众多企业——而某种程度是零售商——都包含挑战的问题中捞取益处,”他说道。‘There is more of an urgency to do something because these breaches keep.“现在有更大的紧迫性采行对策,因为这类入侵事件更加多了。




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